"MLSP is the Birthplace of Some of the Most Influential (and highest paid) Marketers Online Today, and We Want to Meet YOU In Austin, TX!"

*** NEW SPEAKERS ADDED ***The OWNERS of the #1 most subscribed to fitness channel on YouTube (3Million+ Subscribers and 408,000,000+ MILLION Views!)LEGENDARY icons MIKE DILLARD, LISA GROSSMANN, & DOUG FIREBAUGH!


1) The above video was a recording from last month... the ticket price has increased from $99 to $149, and will increase to $199 Sept 1st.

2) YES, we will still honor a 100% FREE month of the industry's #1 Webinar Platform, Webinars OnAir, when you purchase your LTD ticket. (for new WOA accounts only)

3) YES, you will unlock MLSP's brand new weapon, a cutting-edge 'Customer Relationship Manager' for life ($200 / mo value) when you buy your LTD ticket! (* for MLSP members ONLY)


Dear Entreprenuer

If you are struggling to turn a profit in your business, you have come to the right place.

With all of the bogus income claims, smoke-and-mirrors, and fly-by-night "solutions" you see on the internet these days, it's a wonder how anyone can succeed online in today's landscape.

If you're anything like me, you are constantly inundated with the hottest, newest, shiniest widget that will "get you rich overnight"... THEY are lying to you!

I hate to break it to you, but you already know this deep down inside....


If you are tired of the games, and ready for REAL online success...

A REAL community continually providing REAL lead-generation training so that you can build a REAL, sustainable online business that allows you to provide an incredible lifestyle for you and your family...

There really is only one community on the internet that is dedicated to churning out success stories regardless of whatever business you are building (and has the track record to back it up)...


Since 2008, MLSP has been a breath of fresh air for struggling business owners desperately trying to figure out how to build online.

MLSP has created a culture and community online that collectively has become the birthplace of some 6, 7, and even a few 8-Figure earners...

This is the community of thought-leaders that have been carrying the industry torch since 2008...

This is the community who's ripple effect has inspired hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and created some of the biggest success stories online today...

This is the community that has built an educational platform which provides a "Harvard-Like" business degree in lead generation and making money online for motivated entrepreneurs...

It's time you find out why MLSP has been the preferred 'weapon of choice' for tens of thousands of marketers across the globe since 2008...


If so, then it's time for you to STEP UP and join the MLSP Community for it's infamous annual event in Austin, TX for...

Live the Dream V

"Live the Dream V" Announcement:
Breakthrough Solution Aims to Multiply Your Customer Base by 10X, and Open the Doors to Unlimited Income Potential

New development will revolutionize the way business owners leverage the internet to create wealth & freedom... To be Showcased in Austin, TX Sept 27&28 at 'Live the Dream V.'





Dan Rose is Co- Founder of www.SixPackShortCuts.com, and owns the #1 most subscribed to fitness channel on YouTube. Him and his partner Mike Chang founded Mike Chang Fitness, LLC, which went from zero revenue in 2009 to $6.7 million in annual revenue in 2012... and they've continued to grow since!

Dan now has over 3 million YouTube subscribers & 408,000,000+ MILLION views on his two channels! Six Pack Shortcuts, their main YouTube channel, was recently named to YouTube's 1st ever Brand Channel Leaderboard.

The value you will get from Dan at LTD...

Our 10 Steps To Making Bank On YouTube with ANY product.

1 Sneaky YouTube Trick Guaranteed to Maximize Clickthrough to YOUR website and offer.

The Single Easiest Way To Make Money On YouTube (FINALLY revealed) 

*** We are absolutely ecstatic that Dan agreed to speak for our MLSP community. They have NEVER revealed these secrets nor spoken on stage before... they are doing this as a favor to Brian Fanale for YOUR benefit!

Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh is a highly successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant, and talk radio show host. He has spent over 25 years in the home business profession with 14 of it full time building a network marketing business. He is a blend of online (plus social and mobile) as well as offline strategies, and coaches on the fusion of both. He is a member of the "elite club" of those rare few who have produced over a billion dollars in volume. He lives in Birmingham Michigan with his wife Jodi. Having a BILLION+ network marketer on stage at LTD is an incredible value-add to the LTD experience... we are stoked!

The value you will get from Doug at LTD...

The Secret to the First 12-seconds and the First 12-words your prospects hear or read that will determine whether or not you become ridiculously wealthy with your home business.

Moving from Conversation to Connection Effortlessly both online and offline to effectively connect with the people in your network and turn relationships into partnerships.

How to walk potential business partners over the "Transition Bridge" and make them excited to join your business.

Lisa Grossmann

She likes to call herself the "Chief Imagination Officer," and the name couldn't be more fitting. She dreams big, plays big, has a heart of pure gold, and is one of the most sought out trainers in the home business arena. With 20+ years of professional network marketing experience under her belt, she and her business partner have built a 7-Figure PER YEAR residual income that is now on complete autopilot (literally, she puts roughly 10 hours a year into that business these days). Lisa has built empires in China, Indonesia, Bangkok, ALL over Asia and Europe, and we are honored to have her join us for LTDV!

The value you will get from Lisa at LTD...

How to all but GUARANTEE you turn a profit with your MLM biz in 48-72 hours max.

How to craft a story that connects to the core with your prospect, and gets them to buy your stuff!

How (and why) Lisa is currently enjoying a 7-FIGURE PER YEAR residual income on complete autopilot thanks to this amazing industry of home business!


Mike is considered by many the 'Godfather of Attraction Marketing.' In 2005 Mike started his first company called "Magnetic Sponsoring," which began as a simple 40-page e-book. That simple 40-page e-book morphed into an 8-Figure Company, has impacted MILLIONS of network marketers around the globe, and has forever changed the way empires are built online.

We will be hand selecting leaders and attendees to join Mike on stage and partake in an interactive LIVE Q&A with the man himself. Imagine being able to ask Mike Dillard just a few questions live in front of hundreds of attendees, and being able to capture that footage to use in your business!

Mike is a dear friend of MLSP's, and the MLSP platform itself was created from the principles and concepts found inside Magnetic Sponsoring. Having Mike partner with MLSP's LTDV is a dream come true for our community. As students and practitioners of 'Attraction Marketing," we are excited, humbled, and honored to have Mike inspire MLSP Nation at LTDV!

Ray Higdon

Ray is by far the most powerful and successful blogger in our industry, and has created an empire by blogging daily for 3 years straight. Ray has become one of the most influential leaders and trainers in the MLM arena, was the #1 income earner in his business, and generates 100+ leads per day for free from his blog with zero paid advertising (not to mention rakes in $100k or so per month from product sales off his blog).

The value you will get from Ray at LTD...

STOP STRUGGLING with what to say, and START PUMPING OUT CONTENT LIKE CRAZY for Massive Engagement, Leads, and Sign-Ups!

Rip the fear out of creating content so that you begin to build a brand (and business) that spreads like wildfire, and rake in 30+ leads PER DAY for YOUR Business!

The simple way Ray comes up with infinite ideas for content creation that has allowed him to create content people love every single day for 3 years straight! (and how you can too!)

Michelle Pescosolido

Michelle is one of the most (if not the most) deadly FaceBook marketers in our industry. She is MLSP's in-house FaceBook expert, and she was able to hit 6-Figures in her first 6 Months online using nothing but FaceBook. One of the most sought out speakers and trainers when it comes to lead-generation via FaceBook, Michelle is Queen when it comes to FB.

The value you will get from Michelle at LTD...

Discover how 120 leads per day at $1.00 PER LEAD is possible (NOTE: it has to do with FaceBook ;)

Why and how she was able to make $50,000 in PROFIT in 30 days with just one of their revenue streams (this was in last month alone, with just 1 income stream, ALL via FaceBook!)

The #1 mistake the majority of FaceBook marketers commit that guarantees they will NEVER get their ads approved (and how to instantly solve this critical mistake)

Mark Harbert

Mark is one half of the 'Mojo' Twins, who's products you will see regularly in the back of MLSP. When you meet Mark at LTD, you will know within 10 seconds why our community loves this guy... full of passion, always wanting to serve, and he gives his secrets relentlessly to the MLSP Nation.

The value you will get from Mark at LTD...

One of the best video marketers in our space today and always mastering his craft, his brand new 1-2 punch "Secret" for #1 Google Rankings and 37+ leads / day with video.

Mark is a relentless marketer who continually split tests and tracks all of his marketing efforts... you will get his highest conversion tricks that can DOUBLE sales for your business!

Become a master at driving paid FaceBook traffic to your videos so that you can get massive exposure, traffic, clicks, and leads for pennies on the dollar!

Diane Hochman

Diane is a staple inside of MLSP and hosts the "Ultimate Freedom" webinar with our community LIVE every Tuesday. Diane started her first network marketing company 9 years ago, and today enjoys a very healthy multiple 6-Figure Income because she has mastered "The Power of Networking" both online and offline.

The value you will get from Diane at LTD...

How she can consistently earn multiple 6-Figures a year the "easy" way with zero tech skills required. (Hint: it has to do with Networking)

A silly cool, simple exercise that ha allowed her to get over her fears years ago, step out of her comfort zone, and become a networking machine.

Her uncanny ability to instantly build rapport, start a relationship, and know within 60 seconds if that relationship will be a PROFITABLE one for her business.

Rob Fore

MLSP's in-house SEO wizard, Rob is hands-down the best Search Engine Optimization marketer in our industry. Since 1996, Rob Fore has used a simple 5-step system to build numerous six-figure, even multiple six-figure, businesses working part-time in his spare time online... using free, organic search traffic. But he's been in the lab quietly working on his "SAO,' NOT "SEO"...

The value you will get from Rob at LTD...

SAO - It's not "SEO" that is getting Rob wealthier by the day... It's something called "SAO," and he'll show you what SAO is and how to apply it in your business at LTD!

Rob took his brand new domain / blog to the top 50,000 websites in the world in 9 months flat using SAO (NOT SEO). (he will give you step-by-step what he did at LTD)

See how Rob has been able to rank kindle books on Amazon for wildly competitive keywords that now generate hundreds of leads and countless sales each month on autopilot. (again, it's all SAO ;)

Bill Pescosolido

Bill is MLSP's "Master Recruiter," and for good reason. Bill was the #1 recruiter in an MLM company with tens of thousands of reps, and has been able to shatter sales records in any company he touches. Recently Bill published his first Prospecting product called "My Prospecting Playbook," which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs master the art of prospecting.

The value you will get from Bill at LTD...

When you look at the phone, how does that make you feel? Bill has an iron-clad way to let go of the fear or picking up the phone so you can move forward in your business!

Bill's proven method to handle objections and instantly gain trust and respect from your prospect, which most likely will help you close the sale right on the spot.

Want exact scripts Bill has used to not only replace but surpass his old very healthy 6-Figure / year corporate salary? (he will give you easy-to-follow profit-producing scripts at LTD!)

Steve Jaffe

Steve is a top producer in 2 different programs, and a highly sought out internet marketer and pioneer in the fields of webinar marketing and video marketing. An MLSP L4 Leader who has sponsored 300 people, Steve has trained hundreds from stage and been featured in several industry publications. Steve holds an MBA from MIT and a B.A. from Stanford.

The value you will get from Steve at LTD...

How to close 20% of webinar attendees into MLSP's lucrative 'Mastery' program. This MONSTER closing ratio virtually guarantees you five figures a month (or more!)

How to turn $10 MLSP Mastery signups into $500 in commissions nearly every time.  This genius approach can tansform $10 bills into a stack of $50 bills! (I will show proof at LTD!)

How to use MLSP to create a 6-figure income from the 97% who say "No" to your opportunity.  (this is the secret no one's talking about!)

Justice Eagan & Adam Chandler
"The 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge" Founders

Justice has been online for only 3 short years, and made only $98 bucks in his first 10 months. And then he fired his boss 14 months later! Adam struggled for 2 years before having his first 6-Figure / Year income in 2012 online! Together, Justice & Adam have created an incredible coaching program that lasts 100 days, which has literally transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

The value you will get form Justice & Adam at LTD...

How a broke waiter can rewire his mind to go from broke employee to successful entrepreneur in a matter of months? Justice will explain the psychological secrets that set him free.

The EXACT process of becoming an entrepreneur including habits, daily method of operation, productivity, masterminding, patterns, beliefs, fears, and getting out of your own way and into the next level.

How these 2 guys have been able to print money on-demand with e-mail marketing techniques reserved for the top 1% that have that have resulted in $10K weeks (and they promised to give you their secrets!)

Kate & Andrew McShea

Kate & Andrew began their internet marketing journey back in 2008 where they struggled for the next 4 years losing money every single month for 48 months straight. They were then introduced to MLSP at a live event in Las Vegas... in 9 months they went from generating zero leads and losing money to 100 leads / day and a 6-Figure Income, and they just enjoyed their first 5-Figure Day!

The value you will get from Kate & Andrew at LTD...

How does a 2nd grade teacher and corporate sales guy go from 4 years of losing money to $6-Figure / Year Business in under 9 months? (they will show you at LTD)

The simple 'trick' they did from a 'branding' standpoint to build better relationships and create repeat buyers (without this, you will continue to struggle online)

Want the '90 Day Plan' that took them from 4 years of pain, struggle, and losing money to now $5-Figure / Month Earners (this is the marketing plan that set them free)

Aron Parker

Aron failed for years with countless different MLM companies, but has recently "cracked the code" to building a team of over 1,000 people in over 30 countries in under 4 months with his current business! He has quickly become a top recruiter earning industry recognition and awards for his accomplishments. Side Note: Aron is MLSP's FASTEST leader to hit L4 EVER since our inception back in 2008!

The value you will get form Aron at LTD...

How to use private Facebook Groups and Google Hangouts to train your team, inspire your troops, and build your global empire... for FREE!

The #1 mistake Aron made for years that kept him broke... and then when he 'made the switch' had more leads and money coming in than the previous 10 years combined!

A "Launch Formula" Aron has used 3 times (getting better and bigger each time) that has been the main strategy for finally being able to create a 5-figure monthly residual income!


Brian Fanale & Norbert Orlewicz

MLSP has some innovative new developments & solutions in the works ready to be showcased at "Live the Dream V!" We will be unveiling the next chapter of the MLSP saga, the long-term vision of the company (it's BIG), where we are headed as a community, and why we feel 2015 will be bigger for our members than our previous 6 years... combined!



We hand-selected some L3 & L4 members to take center stage and give to you a 20 MINUTE BLAST of marketing intel guaranteed to help you get leads immediately following "Live the Dream." We are calling this new segment, "The Lead Generation Blitz!" And the coolest part is after they blow your mind for 20 minutes with the hottest 'what's working now' lead-generation intel, YOU will have 10 minutes to grill each of these leaders with questions to ensure you 100% fully comprehend the martial so you can IMPLEMENT what they teach you for results FAST!

April Marie Tucker

The Instagram Queen... How to get 31+ Leads Per Day for FREE, easily monetize instagram, and get thousands of followers in a matter of days.

Dustin & Tracy Wisnowski

The power of retargeting and maximum exposures using different social media outlets: the goal is to be EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME and automatically "follow" your prospect til they buy.

Steve & Lanacia Rachel

Their top strategies for "FaceTube" (the combination of FaceBook and YouTube) to dramatically increase your lead flow to 30+ per day and explode your MLM business.

Dean R. Black

How to out-rank the SEO Master Rob Fore with YOUR videos using a select handful of tools and tricks hiding in the back office of MLSP.

Patricia Sweeney

Her "How Anything Measured Can Be Improved" Mentality skyrocketed her to success, L3 Leader, MMT member, and industry trainer.

Bert Bledsoe

How to turn YouTube into a "Social Site" vs. just a website to host your videos so that you can get engagement, traffic, leads, and sales all via YouTube.



MLSP Live Experience

One of the coolest additions to your digital training library, ever! Want to see how an empire grows from year 1 to year 6 with industry leaders and international rockstars being molded, massaged, and developed year after year?

This "Live Experience" includes all 4 previous "Live the Dream' events and 2 underground 4-Day private retreats we held off the coast of Mexico and in Phoenix, AZ. Collectively, this is over 40 hours of pure, raw value content from all over the world at MLSP events and retreats that include industry legends like Jerry Clark, Mike Dillard, Jairek Robbins, Todd Falcone, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore, Michelle & Bill Pescosolido, Mark Harbert, Frank Marino, Cedrick Harris, Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and so much more!

We sell this inside of MLSP for $1,500... for you, with your 'Live the Dream' ticket purchase, IT'S FREE!

Imagine adding all of these leaders to your training library so that whenever you like you can nourish & feed your mind with invaluable knowledge from 6 and 7-Figure earners... * If you ever want to become a platform speaker, this bonus is PRICELESS because you will get 40+ hours of top earners on stage that you can devour, study, and learn from so you can build your on-stage speaking skill-set!

MLSP Live Experience


Live the Dream 5

We stand behind our products and events 100%. We are so confident this event will change your life, that if for whatever reason you want a refund while at the event, simply let us know before 4 PM on Saturday and we'll refund your "Live the Dream V" ticket cost with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


As in life, this industry is all about WHO YOU KNOW, and WHO KNOWS YOU!

You have got to start attending live events so that you can start building relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs...

These relationships could lead to partnerships, joint ventures, interviews, webinars, product creation ideas, business partners, etc., which could lead to MILLIONS of dollars in future earnings (just ask Norbert who I met at an event almost 7 years ago, one of the co-founders of MLSP).

One of the key secrets to my success was that I continually, relentlessly got to events when I first started out... people began to recognize me, and the 6 and 7-Figure earners at the time started to take note of who I was, which in time grew into priceless, profitable relationships (some of which I still have today!)

Again, this game is ALL about who you know, and who knows you... I've made more money being at events, meeting leaders, masterminding, networking, and making deals IN PERSON over a beer at the bar than I've ever made sitting behind my computer... (again, just ask my buddy Norbert ;)

This is your chance to take control of your financial future. Come rub shoulders with entrepreneurs who have what you want, and watch what happens to your mindset (and your bank account!)

This event isn't optional, it's essential IF you wish to reach the next level in your business, and in order to do that you require a new inner-circle if you want different results. This is your opportunity to attain just that...

Get out of your comfort zone. Take a leap of faith.

Join us for a 'Live the Dream' experience you will remember forever...

We can't wait to meet you in Austin, TX in September!

Brian Fanale and the MLSP Team!

The current ticket price will increase when the next batch 300 tickets are sold


General Admission Ticket $149 - Buy Now!


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